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Copy of Did Your Pipes Burst?

If you experienced a pipe burst, don't ignore the damage behind the wall! While it is simple to have a plumber fix the pipe- it likely will require repair or replacement of the wall and surrounding area in addition to the pipe. Calling an experienced professional to check out the damage and ensure that all damaged area is properly treated is your best defense against the development of mold and mildew growth. Take care of your property and protect your investment!

What happens when there is more damage than meets the eye?

Water is a tricky damage to diagnose and treat because if flows in unusual and unpredictable patterns. Damage from a pipe burst can show up in another room or area. So get your pipe bursts inspected to review the full scope of the damage. Then, call your insurance company and file a claim to ensure your home gets the necessary repairs and retains its value!

Need help with your insurance claim?

Call us and we will show you the way to a successful claim experience to get your home back in shape.

- Patricia Miranda, P.A.

Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance Adjuster

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