Insurance Claims

When your home is damaged or destroyed, Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance  Adjuster helps speed up the insurance claims process and get you more money to repair and rebuild your home.


Maximize and Expedite Your Claim

7 Steps of the Homeowners Claim Process

Losing your home to complete or partial damage from a disaster can be traumatizing. As you begin to pick up the pieces and focus on protecting your family, do you also have the time, attention, and understanding to navigate your homeowners insurance policy and prepare a claim? It’s up to you, after all, to prove your loss to your carrier in order to recover financially. The insurance company has adjusters, building engineers, claims managers and supervisors, all representing its interests. Who do you have representing yours?

Our team of licensed public adjusters and insurance professionals serve as your representatives to level the playing field with the insurance company to make sure you're able to recover from any disaster covered by your homeowners insurance policy and endorsements.

We help homeowners in Texas, Oklahoma,  Louisiana, Georgia, Iowa and South Carolina recover from disasters of all types and magnitudes. As your advocates, we will prepare your homeowners insurance claim and streamline the process for a maximum and faster settlement. We make certain the insurance company keeps the promises it made when it first issued the insurance policy to you.


There are a lot of parties involved in your homeowner disaster recovery — your carrier, its adjusters, their recommended vendors — and their interests vary. Public adjusters are the only people whose interests align with yours. When you hire Coast 2 Coast  Public Insurance Adjuster, LLC to work on your behalf, you invest in a process that ensures you get the best possible settlement. We win only when our clients win, and are paid based on a small percentage of the total settlement. In nearly all cases, the value added to a client’s claim settlement by our public adjusting services far exceeds any fee.


Life and Safety Issues.

Your life and family come first!


Review insurance policy and endorsements for coverage.


Mitigate Damages to Prevent Further Losses.


Formulate a Claim strategy.


Investigate and Document Loss.

The policyholder is required to submit detailed itemized claims with expert reports and estimates.


Present Claim to Insurance Company with substantive evidence, reports and detailed assessment of losses.


Manage Negotiations and Settlement.