We Work for you,
Not the Insurance Company!

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Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance Adjuster, LLC was founded by I. Patricia Miranda


Her life has been all about helping people. She is a retired teacher who left education to grow into the insurance business after a terrible auto accident in which she felt unfairly treated by the insurance company. She learned a lot of lessons the hard way and wants to be certain that insurance companies would never repeat their strong-arm tactics to others.


Consequently, Ms. Miranda started her own insurance agency. After a number of years as a licensed insurance agent and insurance agency owner, she became a licensed independent insurance adjuster. She discovered that the insurance company was more interested in protecting their profit margin rather than rightfully paying out claims to affected policy holders.

So, she decided to jump ship and join "the dark side" of the insurance industry and work for policy holders by starting Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance Adjuster, LLC.

The goal of Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance Adjuster, LLC is to adjust policy holders' claims to receive the maximum fair and equitable settlement under their policy provisions and state laws. Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance Adjuster strongly believes that the policy holder deserves to be made fully and completely whole after a covered loss. It brings Ms. Miranda great peace and satisfaction to advocate for policy holders and represent her values.

All employees of Coast 2 Coast Public Insurance Adjuster, LLC are trained in Xactimate, damage assessment, insurance policy and estimatics, and are IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians.