Public Insurance adjuster

Why Choose a Public Insurance Adjuster?

If you need to make an insurance claim, your insurance company will likely send a field adjuster to assess the damage and determine the replacement value of the home, specific parts of the home, or your belongings. Many times times, this field adjuster is inexperienced, lacking proper tools and training to determine the full scope of damage, and under pressure to write a large amount of damage estimates in a short period of time. As a result, many claims are not adequately investigated by the insurance company and policy holders receive a small settlement check from the insurance company. Sometimes the insurance company denies coverage for damage that should be covered and paid for by the insurance company.


However, you can opt to hire a public insurance adjuster who can help you navigate the complexities of the insurance claim process. There are many reasons why using a public insurance adjuster can benefit you. First, they have a working knowledge of insurance policies and claims. They use their skill and experience to ensure that you secure a proper settlement amount that you deserve. As you consider a public insurance adjuster, public adjusters also save you time. They will organize and manage your claim for you so you can focus on your job, family, and your life.

Another benefit of hiring this type of adjuster is that they will generally resolve your claim much faster than the insurance company will. A public adjuster will coordinate with your insurance company and get all of the required paperwork in order. They’ll also protect your rights as a policyholder. Since public adjusters don’t work for one large insurance company, they are there to work for you and represent your best interests. There’s no relationship with the insurance company which means they’re able to negotiate a settlement that gives you the compensation you need instead of what the insurance company feels is adequate. Through investigation, emails, meetings, and phone calls, a public insurance adjuster will talk directly to your insurance company and negotiate the best possible outcome. They’ll also make sure that you get a larger settlement than your insurance company was planning to payout.